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Bloody Mary or Bloody Ceasar with celery in mason jar rimmed with black pepper

About Hail Mary

 I love Bloody Mary?s, but I am very health conscious so consuming all natural healthy products has always been a priority. I quickly found that grocery store mixes were made from tomato paste and water or worse a powder so I was forced to make my own concoction at home.  My grandma Edna, a southern farmer used to can her own tomato juice and I thought that would be the perfect base for my homemade Bloody Mary Mix. After experimenting with a few different recipes, I created an all-natural gluten free mix that is the perfect blend of fresh juiced tomatoes, peppers, horseradish root and high quality spices. Hail Mary Mix encompasses what true Bloody Mary drinkers expect, leaving out the unhealthy additives and salty aftertaste. After your first sip of Hail Mary Mix you will notice the refreshing taste that separates us from our competitors.